Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Review Yes To Carrots Color Lip Balm Soft Plum 0.11 Ounce Got this as a gift for my sister...

The yesterday. I'm looking for information on the Yes To Carrots Color Lip Balm Soft Plum 0.11 Ounce, so i would like to describe here.

Yes To Carrots Color Lip Balm Soft Plum

This lightly tinted color balm has a glossy smooth glide-on application providing rich lip nourishment with a hint of tint. Formulated with Vitamin E Jojoba Oil and Sunflower Seed Oil our Rosy Bloom Color Balms will leave lips soft smooth and ready to smooch. Rosy Bloom is a little punch of pink like you just had a pink popsicles or were thinking about roses berries watermelon .... Read more or Check Price

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Nice subtle color you can build a deeper tint. Keeps lips very moist. A nice alternative to traditional lipstick . by Dana Werner

"I wish I could find this in stores ""Vorrei poter trovare questo nei negozi """"""Beautiful color and flavor without a residue of wax ""Bella tinta e sapore senza residui di cera """"""it""I wish I could"1truefalse994040"find"2truefalse596450"this"3truefalse596560"in stores"4truefalse827690"Beautiful"11truefalse998011"color"12truefalse998121"and"13truefalse998231"flavor"14truefalse852341"without a"15truefalse600461"residue"16truefalse599671"of"17truefalse349781"wax"18truefalse349891""19falsefalse5999101"Vorrei poter"1"I wish I could"994truefalse"Wish I could"4truefalse"I would like to"0truefalse"I wish I"0truefalse012"Vorrei poter trovare questo nei negozi ""trovare"2"find"596truefalse"to find"0truefalse"get"0truefalse"finding"0truefalse"found"0truefalse1320"""questo"3"this"596truefalse"that"0truefalse"such"0truefalse2127"""nei negozi "4"in stores"827truefalse2840"""Bella"11"Beautiful"998truefalse"Nice"0truefalse"Bella"0truefalse"Lovely"0truefalse"Pretty"0truefalse05"Bella tinta e sapore senza residui di cera ""tinta"12"color"998truefalse"plain"0truefalse"tint"0truefalse"dyed"0truefalse"hue"0truefalse611"""e"13"and"998truefalse1213"""sapore"14"flavor"852truefalse"taste"1truefalse"tastes"0truefalse"savor"0truefalse1420"""senza"15"without a"600truefalse"without"93truefalse"with no"22truefalse"without any"4truefalse"no"0truefalse2126"""residui"16"residue"599truefalse"residual"0truefalse"residues"0truefalse"waste"0truefalse"remaining"0truefalse2734"""di"17"of"349truefalse"to"0truefalse"for"0truefalse"in"0truefalse"by"0truefalse3537"""cera"18"wax"349truefalse"the wax"0truefalse"polish"0truefalse3842""""19""599falsefalse4344"""Vorrei poter trovare questo nei negozi Bella tinta e sapore senza residui di c'era "6"it"49 by Raegan Sheets

works great. It may take longer but it's still great and I had no problems with it being drying. by Amanda C

She loves this brand and it is almost impossible to find the lip balm colored in stores near me. This was a bit ' darker than expected but overall a good product. by Courtney


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